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Weekly Updates 11/18
It's Friday, Miners! A little over a week ago, the FTX fiasco started, yet the cryptosphere still turns. Let’s get into it … The drama/saga of FTX continues with corruption so bad it’s got the new CEO saying ‘never in my career...
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News Updates 11/25
Happy Thanksgiving, miners! We hope the Thanksgiving conversations weren't too awkward yesterday… Many signs point that we are at the bottom of the market, here's some good perspective. Also, keep in mind: Bitcoin has retreated close to 80% at least 6 times...
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How Bitcoin Mining Hosting Works
  As electricity prices grew, mining rigs became more unaffordable and the computing power needed for mining became unattainable, the everyday person was being pushed out of crypto mining. However, that’s when Mining Syndicate was born to ensure that a...
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