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What is Split Shares?

IFyou're into passive income, this is about as passive it gets. Certainly more passive than unclogging the toilet at your rental home, but less passive than your grandpa's index fund strategy as well. But where's the fun in that? Mining is complicated and expensive, so we fixed it. Split Shares makes mining instant and effortless. Our mission is to bring crypto mining to 1 million people, and Split Shares will get us there. Got 2 minutes? Watch the quick video below to get you up to speed!

How Does Split Shares Work?

Buy 1 - 100% of a miner here and receive a link to the Split Shares dashboard.

Log in to the dashboard and see your miner's stats. You can also add a wallet address for easy payouts.

Come back and check on your miner periodically!

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How Does the Dashboard Work?

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