Remember When?

Remember When?

Like the new version of Coke, the past 48 hours have been extra spicy.

BTC took a nosedive from $73K to $66K faster than you can say "volatility,"

all within the span of a Coke break.

The CPI report showed higher inflation earlier this week,

when paired with the Producer Price Index (PPI) that was twice as high as expected,

resulted in a $775M sell-off frenzy faster than you can say "bear market."

Despite the stress, these fluctuations act as a spring cleaning service,

sweeping away the overleveraged dreamers

and setting the stage for a healthier, more robust market.

While the crypto coaster might take us through some heart-stopping drops,

the overall journey is skyward.

Remember, just a short time ago we were hoping for BTC to hit $50k.

It’s all about perspective.

Deals of the Week – Part 2:
- Used package #3 – Used and hashing Antminers 488 th/s total @ $5,350, details in link.
- Antminer L7 9050T @ $4,990, used and already hashing.
- Antminer L7 8800T @  $4,900, used and already hashing.
- Split Shares starting at $52/share.

Keep mining, rain or shine,
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