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Hosting in Dallas, TX

Your miners sit next to ours

Hosting costs are .12c/kWh + a $50 one time setup fee. That's it. For an S19 Pro it comes out to around $280/month.

We're committed to taking the same care for your miners that we take of ours.

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Miner FAQs

Absolutely! But you get a 3% discount if paying via crypto or bank transfer. Just ask us!

As of Nov. 1, 2021 it would be about 2 -3 weeks.

We do two things really well:

1. We sell miners at amazing prices with no minimum order quantities. You can even pay with a credit card!
2. We host miners at our facility in Dallas.

Do you have a miner already? Ship it to us to host!
Do you need a miner but want to host it yourself? Buy it from us and we'll ship it to you!
Do you need a miner AND a place to host it? We'll do both! Simple, right?

If hosted with us, it doesn't matter! If hosted at home, put in your home address!
All miners stop by our warehouse first, regardless of whether they're ending up at your house or to be hosted with us. If you reserved a hosting spot, we'll hang onto it and plug it up when it arrives.

Almost all of them come from China or Malaysia. We occasionally keep some in stock in Dallas but that is rare. Price volatility makes keeping stock on hand nearly impossible.

Yes, we accept credit cards! Payment is required in full upfront. Prices are not locked in until payment has been received. Prices on the website include a 3% CC processing fee. Miners paid for in crypto, wire or ACH get a 3% discount. Email us for the secret code. :)

Miners are a commodity, much like gold, corn or soybeans. The market price of miners moves with the price of Bitcoin. Everyone is subject to market prices, which means that discounts are very hard to come by. If you plan on ordering 10+ units we can offer a slight discount. Otherwise it will not be possible, unfortunately. The only exception to this is when you pay with with ACH, wire or crypto. This enables a 3% discount.

Usually about 8-14 days. Sometimes there are unforeseen customs clearance delays, but these are rare. Preorders are more commonly delayed.

Most new miners come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. Some used miners come with 3-9 months warranty remaining, but this is not always the case.

You would be entitled to a full refund.

For sure! Please fill out this form and we'll get a price to you ASAP.

For sure! Right here.

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Mining Syndicate Hosting Facility

Dallas, TX

We don't reveal the exact address for security reasons.