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Our electricity fees are variable. There is no additional hosting charges other than a $50 one time setup fee. We are committed to taking the same care for your miners that we take of ours. Each facility we host at meets stringent criteria to ensure the best experience possible.

Peace of Mind
Remote Monitoring

At any given time you can see how cool or hot your machines are running, how well they are hashing, and more. As my dad would say, "Pretty neat."

Hosting FAQs

We use software called Awesome Miner to provide you remote access to your miner. We'll provide you a login and password and point your miner to the pool of your choice. We like Slushpool, but the choice is yours!

12 months, paid at the beginning of each month via credit or debit card. You can see a template of the contract here.

We'll continue hosting you, month to month, or we'll ship your miner back to you.

Unfortunately not. Why?

What's mined is yours.

In other words, this gets really messy, and we don't want to mess with your wallet or crypto. That's sacred.

If hosted with us, it doesn't matter! If hosted at home, put in your home address!

All miners stop by our warehouse first, regardless of whether they're ending up at your house or to be hosted with us. If you reserved a hosting spot, we'll hang onto it and plug it up when it arrives.

Of course! Book an appointment here.

If it's a simple fan or power supply (PSU), we'll fix it for a nominal fee. We do ask that you keep both a fan and PSU with us in case this happens to eliminate unnecessary downtime.

If it's a more complicated repair or the miner is still under warranty, you'll need to file a claim with the manufacturer and we'll mail it wherever it needs to go.

None! We don't mess with your crypto or your wallet. That's a sin.

We do two things really well:

1. We sell miners at amazing prices with no minimum order quantities. You can even pay with a credit card!
2. We host miners at our facility in Dallas.

Do you have a miner already? Ship it to us to host!
Do you need a miner but want to host it yourself? Buy it from us and we'll ship it to you!
Do you need a miner AND a place to host it? We'll do both! Simple, right?

Reserve a hosting spot by paying a $20 refundable fee here. We'll then get in touch with next steps.

For sure! Check it out here.

We have a 2.5MW facility, which holds about 650 S19s. We are selling out fast, but still have February openings left for Phase 4 at a new facility.

You can't know for sure, but we do! Please set up an appointment to chat with a member of our team here. We have very happy customers you're welcome to reach out to for references. Just ask! We aren't perfect, but we aren't scammers, either. Our facility is a real place and your hard-earned money goes to buying and hosting miners.

Phase 3 Hosting Reservation - January Deployment

Phase 4 Hosting Reservation - March/April Deployment

Regular price$20.00
Free Shipping Sitewide!

Now accepting hosting reservations for Phase 4 of our facility, which is slated for deployment starting in mid March 2022 and ending mid April 2022. This reservation is fully refundable, and you must pay $20 for each miner slot you'd like to reserve.

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