Your Future Self Says Thanks

Your Future Self Says Thanks

Every day above $70k is a good day,

which is making for a good BTC week.

So the other question is, when will Ethereum get an ETF?

Best answer: one day less than yesterday.

It's inevitable, no matter what Gensler says.  

BTC and ETH aren’t the only things on the rise, miner prices are, too. Yep, the day we knew would come is here. As the bull market gets stronger, it’s guaranteed that miner prices will continue to go up, so acting now is in your best interest. Your future self will thank you.

Deals of the Week
- The highly anticipated Antminer S21 Pro 234T’s won’t be preorders for much longer; they’re expected to ship in 2 weeks. Listed at $5,700 each, with an efficiency of 15.08 J/TH, they still can’t get here soon enough. 10% off for orders of 5+ units; email for discount.
- Antminer L7s are available again starting at $6,750 for 9050 MH/s, profiting about $10/day.
- The world’s most profitable miner, the Antminer KS5 Pro 21T, starts at $24,500; check it, and other Kaspa coin miners, out here.  
- Split Shares: $92/share for new S21 Pro @34T (preorder), $72/share for new S21 200T, and $28/share for used S19 XP 141T.

Keep mining, rain or shine.  

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