Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!
Win #1: Congratulations to Kenneth Rodriguez and Gregory Erickson, for winning tickets to the North American Blockchain Summit!

And thank you all for your participation, it’s been fun! If you’re planning on going, let us know and we’ll meet up and take the obligatory pic.

Win #2: BTC is pumping

It’s not only BTC that’s on the rise, so is the cost of miners, but …

Win #3: the cost of miners is still relatively low, so you’ve got a small window of opportunity to capitalize.

You only get one shot,

do not miss your chance to blow

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.

*actively rewriting “Lose Yourself”*

Specifically, the much-anticipated Antminer S21 is now $4,700 for the January preorder. As you know, it’s the most efficient air-cooled miner ever at 17 watts/TH. Please reply to this email to get on the list. Only crypto or bank transfer payments for preorders. No cards accepted.

The price of the Antminer S19k Pro 120T at an incredible 2760W went up, too. It’s now listed at $2,250. We STRONGLY encourage you to act now before the increases that are undoubtedly coming hit.

Some Split Shares left:
$37/share @ $.075 hosting for a new S19k 120T, produces ~$4.20 of BTC mined per share per month(as of today), or ~.1% ROI/day, net.

Please reach out if you have questions, we’re friendly.

Keep mining, rain or shine. 

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