Will BTC hit $70k+ by the end of the day?

Will BTC hit $70k+ by the end of the day?

Time will tell, but 3 things are likely, 2 are certain:

1. The 6-week losing streak is broken.
2. It’ll be a hot girl summer for BTC.
3. A significant increase in miner prices is coming.

Deals of the Week:
- Thanks to high demand, 20% off Split Shares (code: BTC20SS) and 5% off Kaspa miners (code: KASPADEAL) are continued through this Wednesday, May 22.
- Used and already hashing miners for sale: S19 XP 134t and 141t models (7 total), starting at $2,000. A 3-month hosting deposit at $.085/kWh is required, or, they can be shipped to you for hosting on your own.

Until next time, keep mining, rain or shine.

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