Updates 7/7

Updates 7/7

Happy Friday!

We're wishing you a belated happy Independence Day! This past week has been a notable milestone:
- officially ½ way through the year

- BTC and ETH holding stable and overall gaining, with some fun up and downs in-between; wouldn’t be crypto without it, eh? BTC began the year at $16,605 while doubling to $30,581 as of July 1; ETH was at $1,199 and made it to $1,924.
- Current admin has unabashedly had it out for crypto, coming down hard by suing Binance and Coinbase this year. FGG should trend on Twitter all day every day, am I right? High hopes for 2024 as there are at least 3 solid pro-crypto presidential hopefuls, but every day is a good day to be an American.
- In solid contrast, financial corporations took a deep dive into crypto waters with Bitcoin ETF applications and crypto exchanges.  

Forecasting vibes are up for Q3 and Q4; what could possibly go wrong? :D

Get them while you can:

Keep mining, rain or shine.

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