Updates 06/30

Updates 06/30

Happy Friday!

Every Friday is a good Friday, but it’s especially good when BTC holds at $30k over a week. For a minute there it looked like maybe SBF got a get out of jail free card, but a judge put the kibosh on that. Double good Friday. We’re days away from the half of 2023 with no interest rate hikes yet. Triple good.

We're excited to expand to a new hosting facility in July, and it's hard to believe we've been in business for almost 2 years now! Boy how time flies with the whir of miners humming in the background...

FYI, the L7 is still the most profitable miner on the market, and we've got plenty.

We've also got some used miners on sale right now – plugged in and hashing, ready to go straight to your pool! Please note that they all require a 3 month hosting deposit, but the setup fee is waived. Reply to this email to claim. We have: 2x - S19 XP 141th are $4.5k each. 4x - S19 J Pro 104th are $2.2k each.

Split Shares? All sold out, but 141s are on the way.

Keep mining, rain or shine.

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