The 7 Best Bitcoin Debit Cards to Use Right Now

The 7 Best Bitcoin Debit Cards to Use Right Now

While some people favor using credit cards for all purchases due to aspects such as charge-backs, having emergency funds, and helping their credit score, debit cards also have a lot of value.

Debit cards can help people better control their spending habits, have lower fees compared to credit cards, and even come with their own perks like cash back rewards or points.

Having at least one debit card is always a good idea, and using a cryptocurrency debit card if you’re invested in and use cryptos makes a lot of sense.

Just like debit cards from banks, you can use your crypto debit card to withdraw money from ATMs, and pay in-store for goods and services, even if the ATMs or vendors don't accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Rather than paying with crypto, you’ll preload the debit card with an amount of crypto (of your choice), and this will be automatically converted to fiat currency any time you use the card until your balance goes to zero where you’ll need to reload it again.

Added to all this, you can also enjoy security features, financial protection, and rewards.

While we have looked into the different options available and their features, we are not recommending particular products to you. Instead, it is your responsibility to figure out which card(s) will work best for your daily needs.


  • 2.49% Cryptocurrency Liquidation Fee
  • 8 Supported Cryptocurrencies
  • 4% Cashback Reward


  • If Visa is accepted then you can use the card
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies are supported for all purchases
  • Several good security features


  • Coinbase account required


Since Coinbase is one of the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, it stands to reason that their other products can be trusted too.

Their debit card is accepted in all places that Visa is accepted, and the multiple cryptocurrencies make for easy conversion. This also applies when using ATMs.

The card supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and five others. And will convert any crypto into fiat currency that you load onto the card whenever you buy something.

Their mobile wallet app, two-factor identification, instant card freeze, and spending tracking, help you ensure your funds are safe at all times.

The Coinbase Card is free for U.S. residents but residents of the U.K. and Europe must pay £4.95 or 4.95€ as a one-off fee for the card.


  • $5 Monthly Fee, $3 ATM Withdrawal Fee, $2 Foreign Transaction Fee
  • 14 Cryptocurrencies Supported
  • 6.38% Cashback Reward


  • No deposit, transaction, withdrawal, or exchange fees
  • Flat monthly fee
  • High cashback reward


  • You must buy Ternio tokens to make purchases
  • KYC verification


Ternio, the financial technology company, has developed Blockcard. A cryptocurrency debit card that you can use wherever Visa is accepted.

With its flat monthly rate and no fees for deposits, exchanges, withdrawals, or transactions, this card is a great option for people who use cryptocurrency to make purchases often. Or for anyone wanting to in the future.

While you have to pay a $10 activation fee as well as a $5monthly admin fee they are still one of the cheapest companies out there. Not to mention that the admin fee is waived if you spend more than $750 a month in non-cash transactions.

However, to use the card you must buy native Ternio coins called TERN with either cryptocurrency or USD. This is then converted when you make purchases,

The card supports 14 cryptos including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin.


  • $0 account fees
  • More than 150 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies supported
  • Up to 8% cashback rewards


  • Referral bonuses
  • High cashback reward
  • A huge number of cryptos and fiats supported
  • No issuance or monthly fees


  • Must have a balance in Wirex WXT tokens for rewards


Wirex established itself in the market back in 2014 and a year later released its Visa-supported debit card. They have stayed strong in the game ever since and have a large customer base that enjoys all the rewards and bonuses that come from using their crypto debit card.

Currencies in Europe and U.S. Cardholders pay no issuance, monthly, or withdrawal fees. AS well as a few Asian and Pacific countries.

You can get free ATM withdrawals up to $400 per month or the equivalent in your native currency.

Wirex also offers X-Accounts. These accounts enable users to earn up to 16% interest on fiat and up to 10% interest on BTC and ETH.


  • 3% foreign transaction fee, $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee
  • 7 Cryptocurrencies supported


  • Available in all 50 states
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • No conversion fees within the U.S.


  • To apply you have to give your Social Security number and driver’s license
  • Not possible to send to a P.O. Box


Despite the lack of rewards and the application being a bit more in-depth than others, this card is one of the best options for those living in the States.

Residents can use it in all 50 states, there are no exchange fees in the U.S, and as long as MasterCard is accepted the card is too.

There is also a large maximum account balance ($25,000), higher transaction limits, and great security features meaning people who like to hold or send large amounts can feel safe doing so.

Users can also load or second up to $10,000 per day, and make three $2,000 ATM withdrawals per day. Despite the lack of rewards, these features all make for a fantastic daily card.


  • No annual fees
  • More than 80 cryptocurrencies and 20 fiat currencies supported
  • Up to 5% cashback rewards


  • Supports over 80+ cryptocurrencies
  • No issuance or monthly fees
  • Rebates on streaming services


  • Must purchase CRO tokens issued by the company
  • Cards with better perks require that you stake more money


You can choose between 7 different metal Visa debit cards issued by Crypto.Com. Each of these cards supports more than 80 cryptos and 20 fiats and can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted.

However, to obtain one of the cards, you must stake an amount of the company’s native CRO tokens (formerly MCO).

Prices vary for each card depending on the time of issue but they can start at $0 and go all the way up to $400,000. 

The most popular card issued by Crypto.Com is the Ruby Steel option. This card costs around $400 and offers 1% back on every purchase, a 100% rebate on a yearly Spotify subscription, and no ATM withdrawal fees for up to $400 per month.  

They do also have a free option that has very limited features.


  • No fees
  • 2 cryptocurrencies supported
  • No rewards


  • No monthly fees or issue cost
  • Established crypto banking service
  • Advanced security features


  • Only available in Europe
  • Requires a Nuri account
  • Only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum


Nuri is a brilliant option for Europeans. It is considered one of the first crypto banking services allowing European citizens to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their bank account since its foundation back in 2015.

The lack of fees is the silver lining to the lack of rewards and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Nuri’s bank account service lets you buy and sell BTC and ETH through an account that has all the standard bank features. Any cryptocurrencies bought are converted to Euros in the Nuri account and can be accessed by the Visa debit card for easy purchasing.

This banking service along with its advanced security measures such as mobile codes, phrases, and biometrics keep your account airtight.


  • Up to a 0.9% transaction fee for transactions and ATM withdrawals
  • 15 cryptocurrencies supported
  • 8% cashback rewards


  • Offers 8% cashback
  • No issuance or monthly fees
  • Convert crypto on demand


  • Only available in Europe (minus the U.K)
  • Balance in Binance’s cryptocurrency required for the cashback reward

Note: Binance is not allowed to conduct business in the U.K.

It only took one year for Binance to become the largest exchange platform by volume in 2018.  In 2020, the company partnered with Swipe to offer a Visa debit card which has also become incredibly popular among users.

There are 12 supported cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum and the fees associated with the card are always minimal.

Like Coinbase and other cards, the cryptocurrency you load is converted at the time of purchase into fiat currency.

However, while this card offers a great cashback reward, you must have a balance of 600 Binance Coins, known as BNB, and receive the reward in BNB.


  • Best Overall: Coinbase
  • Best Low-Fee Card: BlockCard
  • Best for Cardholder Perks: Wirex
  • Best for U.S. Residents: BitPay
  • Best Variety of Cryptocurrency Supported:
  • Best No-Fee Card: Nuri
  • Best for Cashback: Binance

FAQs About Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

How Do Bitcoin Debit Cards Work?

Cryptocurrency debit cards work in much the same way as standard debit cards. Only the balance can be spent, and you can use it anywhere that accepts the provider (either Visa or Mastercard). 

However, you use cryptocurrency to pay instead of fiat currency. Even though the vendor may not accept crypto, your card will automatically convert to fiat at the time of purchase.

The same automatic transaction happens whenever you need to withdraw cash from an ATM also.

How Do I Get a Bitcoin Debit Card?

The debit cards are issued by the exchange that offers them. You’ll need to set up an account at their website and start the application for a debit card. You’ll normally need to have a wallet set up with the same exchange as well.

Where Can I Use a Bitcoin Debit Card?

Cryptocurrency debit cards can be used wherever your card is compatible. You’ll receive either a Visa or a MasterCard, so if the vendor accepts this, you’re good to go. It’s also important to remember that your card may be limited to certain countries or currencies but you can read the specifics before you ding up for a card.

Are Bitcoin Debit Cards Safe to Use?

Most supplies will have fantastic security features such as two-factor authentication, biometric scanning, and mobile codes to have a solid layer of security in your account. You can also monitor transactions and freeze the card if you suspect any activity while you resolve the issue with the company.

There are security steps to follow but like all card issuers, it’s no guarantee there you’ll be 100% secure at all times. Be smart, keep an eye on your account, utilize the security feature, and contact the provider if you have any problems.

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