Sales, Sales, Sales!

Sales, Sales, Sales!

Ok, we don't ever do sales, but that changes today. We've got sales on both Split Shares AND whole miners that last through Monday night.

Split Shares:

Whole miners:
Consider it a warm, virtual hug from us to you. Also, big news, Bitcoin payments are back on our website! We also now accept payments on the Lightning Network, in addition to on-chain payments.
We couldn’t let this turkey trot by without saying a massive THANK YOU.

You're not just a reader, you’re our extended digital family.

Some of you have been with us since the beginning – you’re the whipped cream to our pumpkin pie.

Some of you have recently joined – more precious than Grandma’s secret stuffing recipe.

But ALL of you have endured our puns. Seriously, you’re a hero.

So, as you sat down for your feast yesterday, know that we raised our glasses (or turkey legs) to you.

Here’s to a season filled with joy, crypto (redundant, we know), and stretchy pants!

Happy (Late) Thanksgiving and keep mining, rain or shine!

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