Round 2

Round 2

Are you finding yourself feeling weirdly anxious, confident, and excited?

It’s probably because we’ve entered the beginning stages of the bull market.

The place where your friends haven’t quite started to text you about crypto,

but they certainly will.

It's a good market right now,

on the way to a better market.

Lock in miner prices now, before the market catches up.

Deals of the Week – 2nd Edition
- Used and already hashing L7s and S19J Pro 104T miners available. These are not sold as a package and require a 3-month deposit which will be invoiced after purchasing; first come, first serve.
- Split Shares @ $69/share for a new S21 195T.
- Antminer S21 200T @ $4,990, or 195T @ $4,900, makes for 17.5 J/TH.
Antminer S19k Pro 120T @$2,550, or 115T @ $2,400, is a more cost-effective option.
- Antminer T21 190T @ $3,990. With 3610W, this miner is 19 J/TJ=H.  This is a February preorder, with anticipated ship out the first week of March. Please email us if you’re interested.

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