RIP Bears

RIP Bears

It's not a matter of whether you should have BTC or not,

it's a matter of just how much.

It's not a matter of if BTC will reach mass adaptation,

it's a matter of when.

It’s not a matter of when the bull market arrives,

it's a matter of just how high it will go.

Not only is the halving approaching, but BTC has been rocketing, it’s close to completing its first year without a 30% pullback(a huge evidence of less volatility), and ETF approvals might happen next week.

The good news is, you are still early.

You can still access miners at low prices.

You still have the ability to build FU-level wealth now.

With that, our End of the Year Sale ends Monday at noon:

$200 off any miner purchase (with code: RIPbears)
8.5c hosting at a seriously solid hosting site.

Featured Miners:
- The Antminer L7s not only have a reputation for excellent performance, but they are still profitable at around $6.25/day. There are different models available, ranging from $5,950 - $6,450.
- There are few Antminer S21 200t January preorders available @ $6k – these will boast a top of the line efficiency at 17.5 J/TH for their 200T hashrate at 3500 wattage.  
- The IceRiver KS3M @ $7,900 is profiting about $56/day for Kaspa coin; email for deal.
- Antminer T21 190T is a February preorder @ $4,400. It’s a pretty safe bet to say it’ll profit $6.50/day; email for deal.
- If you had another miner in mind, check out our website or email us about it.  

Split Shares are $47/share @ $.075 hosting for a new S19k Pro 120T, producing ~$2.65 of BTC mined per share per month, or ~.1% ROI/day, net.

There are 3 days left it 2023 – make it count.

Keep mining, rain or shine,
Mining Syndicate

P.S. If you still need to make a year-end gift to a nonprofit, please consider the Satoshi Action fund. This nonprofit works at the state level to help expedite mass adaptation and protect your ability to mine.

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