Personal Note

Personal Note


Chris here. I wanted to send a more untraditional email today that I hope doesn't catch you off guard.

My daughter has had a terminal lung disease for 6 years, and we've been in the hospital with her for about 2 weeks now. My wife and I take turns staying with her here in Houston (4 hours from our home in DFW). She spends Sunday - Wednesday with her and I'm here from Wednesday - Sunday. She's okay, but we are starting the process of getting her on the transplant list. Backstory here. Why am I saying this? For three reasons:

  1. Because of this, I have not yet been able to host a Friday afternoon site tour myself. This was not the plan when I started scheduling them! My team has been stepping in for me and doing an excellent job! This will likely continue for the next few weeks, as that's how long we expect to stay here. So if you have a site visit booked with me, I likely won't be there in person until this hospital stay is over. We'd also like to condense the visits to between the hours of 1-3 pm on Friday afternoons, so if your appointment is in the morning, it would be a huge help if you moved it to that timeframe. Furthermore, we don't expect to be doing site tours forever. As we grow, we don't want to compromise the security of our facility by opening it up to more and more people. We will likely be replacing these tours with on-site video calls and a professionally made video to match. As we get more hosting customers, we need to prioritize their miners' security over all else.
  2. Your thoughts or prayers would be very appreciated. Her name is Avery Koerner and she's our only daughter. She's 9 and has 3 rambunctious brothers.
  3. I am less available for calls, but my team is stepping up in that regard as well. We now have 5 rockstar team members! And two of them, DD and Matt, would be more than happy to take your calls about buying miners or hosting. They have more open availability than I do. You can view their availability and schedule calls with them below:

Schedule a call with DD

Schedule a call with Matt

We know that a phone call or a visit goes a very long way in establishing trust, which is the most important variable in this industry.

As far as crypto goes, miner prices should be stable over the weekend. We are switching shipping providers from DHL to UPS, as DHL has been backlogged lately. We will have well over 100 miners arriving next week, so if you ordered between October 8th and 15th, yours are probably one of them! We'll be emailing out tracking as we get it.

Please let us know what miners you'd like to see on the site, and we'll add them. We'll soon be adding the LT5 Pro and a few others.

There's talk that L7 preorders will be delayed by a few weeks, so please be aware of that when ordering. These delays will affect everyone, and not just us, so at least we're all in it together!

Thank you as always for your support.