No Scaredy Cats Here

No Scaredy Cats Here
Are Sundays even scary after this past week?

BTC went under $60k,

Consumer Confidence also dipped,

our familiar friend inflation still won’t go away, and

very public display of elder abuse on CNN has us all doing a double take.

Only up to go from here.  

Deals of the Week
- The Antminer S21 Pro 234T is no longer a preorder. These units are currently available for $5,390 each.
- But, the Antminer L9 16GH is an August preorder at $12,990; email for deal.
- Kaspa Miners: PRICE DROP! Antminer KS5 Pro 21T @ $12,750 for an August preorder; email for deal. Or, if you want it right now, it’s at $19,990.
Split Shares available: $72/share for new Antminer S21 200T and $92/share for a new Antminer S21 234T preorder. 

Keep mining, rain or shine,

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