News Updates 12/28

News Updates 12/28

Happy Wednesday, Miners! Did you know the difficulty rate is set to drop AGAIN next week? This time by ~9%! Here's to more profitable mining, despite a crappy sub $17k BTC price!

  • We listed a new Split Share miner here. The same low price as last time.
  • S19 141 XPs are now as low as $4,980! This is a rare opportunity to purchase Bitmains latest BTC miner under 5k. If you do not want to plug in we can always store these free of cost. For context, when the S19 Pros were released the price dropped to $2-3k before the bull market hit.. and after? The value was over $12k! We strongly believe these miners will have incredible value in the near future. 
  • There was also a nice price drop on the KA3 pre-orders recently. Check out the sub-9k price here!

If you are looking for any specific model and would like a custom quote, please reach out to us before you buy elsewhere. Often, we can price match ANY supplier's price. What we look for in a price match is the following:

  1. A reputable, trusted supplier
  2. The ALL-IN price (taxes, imports, shipping, setup fees, etc)
  3. The estimated time of delivery. We can match pre-orders to preorders, but not miners in stock to miners being pre-ordered)

It never hurts to ask! You can always respond to this directly. We hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Happy Mining!

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