News Updates 12/22

News Updates 12/22

Happy Thursday, miners!

With less than three days away, the Christmas spirits are feeling a tad generous (relative to the rest of the year).

SBF was at long last arrested and extradited, inflation appears to have taken a bit of a chill pill, and despite steep declines, venture capitalists invested $6b more in crypto this year than they did last year.

You also could have owned your very own Trump or Scottie Pippin NFTs, but alas, they are sold out. Trump’s 45,000 NFT’s sold out in less than a day, which was “better than Lincoln, better than Washington” ever did, but not nearly as fast as Pippin’s, whose 1,000 NFT’s sold out in less than 77 seconds.

And lest we forget, the difficulty rate dropped over 7% recently and looks to drop another 4.9% here soon. Looks like 2022 had a sliver of a silver lining, but maybe we hold our breath this last week for good measure.

In other news, FTX aims to recoup SBF’s over $70 million political donations, which would be little more than a drop in their 8 billion dollar debt bucket. BlockFi, though recently joined the bankruptcy club, aims to allow certain accounts to resume withdrawals, which hopefully results in a merrier Christmas for some. The same is true for some Celsius clients.

In case you STILL have nothing under the tree, here are some ideas:

Keep mining, rain, or shine! Our Christmas wish is that ERCOT put the reliability back in their name, and our grid, but we'll keep you updated if winter storms affect us. 

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