News Updates 12/02

News Updates 12/02

Happy Friday, Miners!

Two days out of Moonvember (absolutely good riddance November 2022) … and we can all collectively breathe again. With lighter wallets and heavier bodies, sometimes the only place to go is up.

  1. If you are the European Central Bank, you believe bitcoin is on the road to irrelevancy. But if you’re not a salty bank aware of how much you missed out, you believe in Bitcoin. Don't forget, Bitcoin has "died" 467 times. 
  2. After all, JP Morgan just registered a Trademark for a crypto wallet. Remember when Jamie Dimon was such a hater? Even in bear markets can hearts turn towards Father Nakamoto.
  3. The difficulty rate is projected to drop ~8% in 4 days and is expected to drop more in the near future
  4. In the spirit of faith in mining, we'll store your newly purchased miners for free, and we'll only plug them in when you're ready. A new Bitmain model likely won't come out for another 2 years. This is a great way to buy the bottom of miner prices.
  5. If you're a Split Shares user, go ahead and log in. We have a revamped dashboard with better reporting and payout visualization.

Keep on mining, rain, or shine.

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