News Updates 11/25

News Updates 11/25

Happy Thanksgiving, miners!

We hope the Thanksgiving conversations weren't too awkward yesterday…

Many signs point that we are at the bottom of the market, here's some good perspective. Also, keep in mind: Bitcoin has retreated close to 80% at least 6 times since 2014.

S19 J pros were $2,000 the first quarter of last year ... before the big bull run! During the bull run, they were between 10k and 15k.

Despite what legacy media might be trying to push, Bitcoin is nowhere near dead, although it has been declared dead 466 times.

We understand the hesitancy to plug miners due to profitability, so we’ll be offering this: Order any machine and we will store it for you for free until you tell us to plug it in. This will allow you to buy the bottom without paying the power fee!

It's an almost Christmas miracle!

Black Friday Special: Order between now and Monday to receive a free month of hosting. You must also purchase a 3-month deposit.