News Updates 10/05

News Updates 10/05

I kissed my kids twice last night when I tucked them in. Why? Because big daddy Bitcoin (BDBTC) is above $20k again, and I'll take my wins where I can get 'em. Also, I love my kids.

  1. We just listed a new S19 XP 141 on Split Shares for $81/share - the cheapest it's ever been. It should be sold out by the end of the day, but we'll be adding more as they come in so check back periodically. We also have some S19 110 shares left for $45.
  2. If you're into the whole high-risk high-reward thing, and Bitcoin mining isn't quite enough risk for you, we're now offering Antminer KA3 preorders for $7,200 The KA3 mines Kadena and has been profiting $65/day lately.

If you whip out your Casio watch and do a little division, you'll see that's a healthy payback period.

But, there are caveats:

  1. A) Pre-orders are subject to delays. The XP arrived on time but the L7 was delayed for months. Both were Bitmain miners like the KA3, but both had different results.
  2. B) No credit cards are accepted for pre-orders. CC companies hate anything preorder, and they also learned their lesson from L7 delays. You can only pay for the KA3 via crypto or wire. If you try to sneak in a CC payment we will refund you and charge a 6% restocking fee, because this is what our CC processor will keep as well when we refund, so it all goes to them. And yes, 6% is a massive CC processing fee, but this is crypto and banks hate us.
  3. C) Altcoin mining is HIGHLY volatile and subject to even more significant profitability swings than BTC mining. If you're willing to stomach the above caveats, the KA3 might be a good option.
  1. We'll be listing miner parts on our website next week.
  2. Miner prices have been steady since last week.
  3. Be on the lookout for Nathan from our team at the Mining Conference in Round Rock this week.
  4. We hope our Florida friends are safe after last week's Hurricane. Also, we're sorry to hear about Tom and Gisele.

Have a great week!

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