News Updates 09/22

News Updates 09/22

Happy Thursday!

A few quick notes:

  1. S19 XPs saw pretty significant price drops, and they are under $7k now (for the 134) for the first time ever. S19 110 prices are somewhat stable and seem to have bottomed.
  2. If you're impatient and don't mind a small premium, there are 2 new S19 134s for sale for $7,500 for an immediate $.10 plug-in, they are currently here in Dallas.
  3. We get a lot of questions about how Split Shares work. Here's a 2-minute explainer video and a video of the dashboard and checkout process.
  4. We have a few S19 110 and 141 Split Shares left for sale, and those saw a price drop just a few minutes ago. Hosting is $.08 on the 110s and $.10 on the 141s right now. 
  5. We have near immediate availability to host miners not purchased from us. Simply respond to this email to inquire.
  6. Immersion mining is still a few weeks out.
  7. If the bear market has you down, this is how we feel. But take note, because she won that fight. We're winning this fight as well. Our headcount is higher today than it was when BTC was at $68k.

Lots of exciting things are on the horizon!

Have a great day!

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