News Updates 09/15

News Updates 09/15

Happy Thursday!

We have more XP Split Shares for sale and ETH has officially merged! It's a big day for crypto. But no time to dwell on ETH when we're Bitcoiners at our core.

A few things to cover today:

  1. L7s are one of the most profitable miners on the market right now. This week only you can save a whole $1k on them, only with promo code L7FLASH
  2. We have a couple more used L7s for sale for an immediate plug-in. The promo code above does not apply.
  3. We JUST listed x2 New Antminer XP 141s and x2 New XP 134s for sale as Split Shares miners. These are our best sellers and the price has dropped about 13% recently. These are the most efficient and profitable BTC miners on the market and you can be hashing for as little as $83.
  4. We have a couple more new S19 110 Split Shares miners with $.08 hosting for $49/share. Credit cards are available again.
  5. We still have a couple more used L7s at <$11k for sale for immediate plug-in.
  6. We have immediate space to host miners not purchased from us. Simply respond to this email to inquire.
  7. Immersion mining is a few weeks out.

Have a great day!

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