News Updates 08/24

News Updates 08/24

Howdy! A few happenings:

  1. Our immediate hosted miners went quickly last week so we got some more. We have brand new Antminer S19 110s in stock here in Dallas, ready to plug in and hash within 1 business day of receiving payment. Guaranteed.
  2. We also have new Antminer S19 110s and one more new S19 XP 141 for sale on Split Shares. They just started hashing this week and they always sell out fast.
  3. We have wholesale pricing available for 5+ miner orders. Please respond directly to this email for more info.
  4. If hosting with us, miners ordered today will be plugged in within 1-3 business days of receiving from China. We have open availability at our HQ facility but spots are always limited.
  5. Prices for L7s, KD6 SE and KD Lites have been very aggressive lately, offering some of the quickest payoff times in the industry at today's prices.

And finally, some additional news from Tuesday that was too good not to share:

  1. We have x2 brand new S19 XP 141 Th/s here at our Dallas facility to sell and plug in today. They just arrived from China today. This is our first time selling miners already here on site. They will be plugged in and hashing within 1 business day of payment clearing. Be sure to choose a hosting package at checkout.

Once they are gone they will be marked as sold out. If sold by the time we leave the office they will be hashing today. Full 12 month manufacturer warranties remain.

  1. We have x2 brand new Split Shares miners for sale. An S19J 100 Th/s and an S19 XP 141 Th/s. You can buy them in increments of 1% for $49 and $98, respectively. They are already hashing and were received from China today as well. Full 12 month manufacturer warranties remain. An email with instructions to receive your share(s) will arrive post-purchase.
  2. We now have immediate space to host miners not purchased from us. Simply respond to this email to inquire.

Have a great weekend!

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