News Updates 01/04

News Updates 01/04

Happy Wednesday, Miners!

With Bitcoin flat(ish), it has been an uneventful week as far as pricing goes.. we have seen a slight increase in the KA3s. Nothing major. Split Shares have been sold out for a week, so we've got more on the way. 

Remember that we will do our best to price-match reputable domestic suppliers and in many cases beat their bulk pricing. Additionally, if you are interested in buying miners and need them stored we offer free storage to those who purchase directly through us.

We were notified of a slight KA3 delay due to Covid running rampant in China. We will keep you posted although we do not expect the delay to last long.

We love hearing feedback from the community! Please reach out to us with your awesome intel so we can share it with our other customers to benefit the mining community. 

For instance:

  • What are the best-performing miner setups you have seen?
  • What software is out there that has helped increase profitability and efficiency?
  • What's more valuable to you? A new miner for the peace of mind or a used miner for the price per TH?

Have a fantastic new year's week!

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