News Update 08/10

News Update 08/10

Happy Hump Day!

Isn't it a great day? CPI is down, crypto is up and the high here in DFW is only 95 degrees today!

Before my keyboard melts, let me give you the latest updates.

  1. Take $300 off any miner this week with promo code CPI. Why not?
  2. Unlike the L7s, Antminer XPs are now shipping on time. There is no longer a delay or preorder. What better way to future-proof your mining assets than by getting the newest model? They have 29% more output than the 110 at 140 fewer watts! We've already received our first few batches and they're lookin' spicy. If you're willing to wait for around 1 month, you can get XPs for quite a bit cheaper via preorder here.
  3. If hosting with us, miners ordered today will have arrived and be plugged in by late August/early Sept. If hosting elsewhere they will arrive to you as soon as late next week.
  4. Remember Split Shares? The ability to buy as little as 1% of an already hashing miner? Well, our beta users have been going strong and buying up more shares for $40-$55 each. We have a few shares leftover of these 2 Whatsminers if you'd like to give it a shot:  Whatsminer 1 - Whatsminer 2. Share prices have come down 60+% with the overall drop in miner prices.
  5. The Whatsminer M50 114T has been released and is a super solid product. Whatsminer is quickly building a reputation as a worthy Bitmain contender and they are known for their durability and longevity. There are no delays on these.
  6. The ETH 2.0 merge is finally on schedule, hence the reason for ETH recently outpacing BTC, which means the E9 ETH miners have been both dropping in price and rising in profitability. They will still be able to mine Ethereum Classic (ETC) after the merge, and many are thinking that ETC will rise alongside ETH post-merge (not investment advice) as well.

We've seen a lot of interest in our E9 ETH miners as a result, and we are one of the only companies that will host them. At the current time of writing this, they are making about $65/day in profit, making them one of the most profitable miners on the market today with one of the quickest payoff periods (always subject to change on a dime).

Please note that these are currently an October preorder but occasionally we see some pop up in stock.

  1. We will soon have 10-20 new S19s offered via the Split Shares model so keep an eye out.
  2. Sales and sentiment have been picking up, and we are feeling VERY optimistic about the rest of 2022.
  3. We have CC processing for hosting payments and small Split Shares orders, but not for whole miners yet, but we are getting very close. We'll send an email when that changes. Crypto payments via Coinbase Commerce and ACH/wire transfer payments at checkout are still the way to go. For crypto payments, we accept BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, LTC, DOGE, APE, and SHIB.

Feel free to respond with any questions or concerns or book a call with us below.

Thank you,

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