News and Updates

News and Updates

Happy Friday!

Here’s an interesting consideration: BTC was down on a year-over-year basis for 490 days, the longest stretch of negative BTC prices ever. If you've HODL'ed through this, you can HODL through anything. Take the current market as a sign from the universe to buy the dip while you still have the chance.

Check out our email exclusive deals of the week. Remember these are only available by email, so make sure you reply if you are interested: 

  • S19 XP 134T @ $3,750 - This is a premier miner among the S19 series with one of the highest hash rates. At under $4k, this sale price is over $1k off its listed price.
  • KA3 166T @ $3,900 - The KA3 is back! The Antminer KA3 166th is expected to ship at end of June. Keep in mind, it only mines for Kadena (KDA). This is BITMAIN’s first miner for KDA, which has four times the hashrate of its closest competitor.

We’ve got just a few Split Shares at the moment:


Wished we would have mentioned a deal on something else? Let’s chat! We’ve got awesome suppliers and love a good deal.

Keep mining, rain or shine. 

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