News and Updates 01/27/2024

News and Updates 01/27/2024
BTC went on sale recently. 

Which is a nice way of saying it dropped ~6.5%  

after going up 8% this month.

This leaves net growth at about 1.5%;

a win is a win, no matter how small.

And January still isn’t even over yet.

(on a scale of 1 to you after finals week, how tired are you?)

But at the end of the theoretical day,

the bold and the patient are the ones who truly thrive.

So, remember, while the world fixates on the short-term ebbs and flows,

you have the insight to see beyond.

And patience pays in crypto.

*Price Drops*
Antminer S19k Pros are down $100: 120T @ $2,700 or 115T @ $2,450
- Split Shares: new S19k Pro 120T @ $42/share.
Get ‘em while they last.

The new Antminer S21 models are now available and no longer a preorder. The 200T features a stunning efficiency of 17.5 j/TH for $6,150.

But Antminer T21 190T’s are a February preorder @ $4,100; email for the deal. We anticipate its efficiency at 19 j/TH.

Keep in mind that the Chinese New Year is February 3 - 18, so we’ll face slower shipping during that period.

Eyeing a different miner? Let's talk!

Keep mining, rain or shine.

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