News and Updates

News and Updates

Happy Friday, Miner!

Guess what? We do Bitmain certified repairs now! Which means our hosting customers will have less repair downtime, and will be paying less as well. Got any miners in need of repairs? Respond to this email and let us know and we'l give you a quote!

Our Split Shares are restocked with these options that give you ~.1% ROI/day, net:

If you’re reading this email, lucky you; you’re privy to an especially special sale! You may have noticed we’ve been highlighting the Antminer L7s lately, that’s because they are so consistently profitable: they pay for themselves in a year and have about 5 years’ worth of profit in them. Right now, you can see profits of over $19 daily.

  • L7 8550 - $4,800
  • L7 8800 - $5,150
  • L7 9050 - $5,350
You won't see these deals on our site, you must respond to this email!

Is Etherem more your style? We threw you a bone, too. Vitalik would be proud. 

  • E9 Pro 3780M - $3,500
Like your 21st birthday, your child’s first steps, or your first BTC gains, milestones are important. The next LTC halving is less than 100 days away, with the next BTC halving in about a year from now in April/May. What happens in a halving event is that coin supply is cut in … wait for it … half, which produces scarcity along with potential increased value. When Bitcoin halved in 2016 and 2020, the market rallied with all time highs. While LTC plays in the shadows of BTC, we’re all still closely watching as the party's about to get started

We also have access to the S19 XP Hydro 257TH (we do not host these miners). If you are interested in this hard-to-find model, please reach out and we can help you.

You must email us to receive these discounts. Price is good for one miner or one hundred miners, and only for a limited time. First come first serve.

Keep mining, rain or shine. 

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