News and Updates 11/18/2023

News and Updates 11/18/2023
We're in between Veterans Day and Thanksgiving,

so naturally I've been pondering the profound concept of freedom in its many different forms.

(Of course, I do this a lot, as those who truly cherish freedom often find themselves naturally drawn to the world of Bitcoin.)

Freedom is born from sacrifice and nurtured by discipline.

It's the driving force behind innovation

and the catalyst for fearless exploration.

It's a blessing that opens doors to countless opportunities and empowers us to make choices, big and small.

Much like choosing between Apple and Samsung (probably not much of a debate),

opting out or in to have cookies for dinner (sorry, Mom!),

or making the call on whether to hit that "publish" button on your latest post;

each decision is a testament to the power of freedom.

It's all about your choices and your voice.

However, while you hold the reins of freedom, time isn't always on your side.

Some opportunities come with a ticking clock,

and that's precisely what we're witnessing in the world of mining.

The prices of miners are continuing to go up, coinciding with the rise of BTC.
- Preorders for the Antminer S21 (incredible efficiency @ 17 watts/TH) is now at $4,950. Reply to this email to get on the list. Only crypto or bank transfer payments for preorders. No cards accepted.
- Impressively low wattage Antminer S19k 120Ts also went up, now @ $2,450.
$40/share @ $.075 hosting for a new S19k 120T, produces ~$3.52 of BTC mined per share per month(as of today), or ~.1% ROI/day, net.

We'll throw you a bone: 1 month of free hosting when paying 12 months hosting upfront @ 9c. Contact us for more information.

Please reach out if you have questions or if there's something special you're interested in, we don't bite :)

Keep mining, rain or shine. 

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