News and Updates

News and Updates

May the Fourth be with you, Miner!

Ever spend over $1M to prove a point? Balaji Srinivasan just did. In mid-March he bet $1M that BTC would reach $1M in 90 days. While that was crazy to begin with, it’s pretty sane in comparison to “printing trillions”. Halfway through, the bet was closed out with $1.5M in donations.

If you’re a little less risk averse than Balaji, our Split Share options are something you can bet on:
$50/share @ $.075 hosting for new S19 XP 141T Recently reduced, you’ll see gains of ~$3.30 of BTC mined per share per month, or .1% ROI/day, net.
$25/share @ $.075 hosting for used S19 Pro 110T Even used, this high value miner is earning ~$2.56 of BTC mined per share per month, or .1% ROI/day, net.

Considering buying a new miner? Here are some helpful points to aid in decision making:

Most people don’t realize it but Antminer L7s are some of the most profitable miners on the market. With a profitability of $18.13/day, the most basic L7 pays for itself in 345 days.
You have 3 different options with the L7:

  • 8800 MH/s @ $6,250
  • 9050 MH/s @ $6,900
  • 9300 MH/s @ $7,100

If miners had spirit animals, then an Antminer S19 would be a Labrador. They’re not the flashiest thing you can find, but as faithful as they get, a miner’s best friend. In addition to their being a great choice from the get go, we have partnered with a servicing center right here in DFW, allowing for prompt and expert full-service care for the life of your Antminer 19 series miner.  

Right now we’ve got:

If you are interested is saving money by preordering miners 2-4 weeks in advance, please contact us today for a price list. We work directly with suppliers to bring you the best products and prices in the industry and we would love to work directly with you! 

Keep mining, rain or shine.

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