Namaste, HODLers

Namaste, HODLers

It’s a noisy world out there.

If you’re quiet… can hear it.

Go beyond the lyrics to Nelly’s iconic, and highly accurate for Texas, “Hot in Herre”.

Move past debates over Twitter and ChatGPT being old news.

You’ve arrived to the golden frequency of BTC. And it’s pumping.

Namaste, HODLers.

To that end, we’re taking 10% off S19 XPs. Hashing at 141T/134T, S19 XPs will bring you profits of $6.37/$5.78 per day. This is the ultimate model of the S19 series with peak operating efficiency. Normally you email us back to get our deals, but today it’s coupon code: S19XP10 to be used at checkout. Ends in less than 72 hours on midnight at Sunday, July 16.

More Split Shares added: New S19 XP 141T, produces ~$3.47 of BTC mined per share per month, or ~.1% ROI/day, net.

Listen to your still, small voice again. Hear the whispers of “new hosting availability” and “significantly shortened plug-in timelines” and “coming soon”. Keep listening. 

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