Men In Black Style

Men In Black Style

Happy Monday!

We hope your 4th of July outshined BTC’s recent performance and that the fireworks functioned as a temporary neuralyzer, Men in Black style.

See no dips, hear no dips.

Even though it feels like BTC is in a game of limbo where it’s setting records for how low it can go,

the reality is market corrections are good and natural;

what we’re witnessing now has been probably overdue.

RIP Q2, let’s see what the second half of 2024 has in store.  

Deals of the Week
- No longer preorders, take $300 off the Antminer S21 Pro 234T, currently available at $5,714; email for deal. With efficiency at 15.08 (J/TH), this miner offers the best value on the market right now.
- The August preorder of an Antminer L9 16G is $500 off, current price: $12,990; email for deal.

- New Kaspa Miner: IceRiver KS5M 15T is currently $8,900 each, but take $300 off when you email us for this deal.
- Split Shares: $72/share for new Antminer S21 200T and $92/share for a new Antminer S21 234T preorder.

Keep mining, rain or shine,

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