Lions, Tigers, and Dips - Oh My!

Lions, Tigers, and Dips - Oh My!

Happy Friday!

Remember that sinking feeling during the great crypto dip of 2020? Watching Bitcoin take a nosedive and wondering if your mining adventure was a fleeting dream in this unpredictable market. Sound familiar?

Maybe that’s because BTC took ~10% dip recently.

There were more than liquidations than when FXT collapsed.

If you’re new to mining, you’re definitely wondering why you joined the cryptosphere.

The FUD is taking over (lions, and tigers, and dips – OH MY!).

Before it completely takes over, take a breath. Cryptocurrencies have their volatile moments. But high risk can equal even higher rewards. Remember dips are moments when true opportunities arise. We've weathered the storms and basked in the highs, and our experiences have shaped solutions resilient against Bitcoin's wildest moods. Mining Syndicate will help you navigate the risks, reap the rewards, and safeguard your stack.

If you’re not new to mining, you’ve been on this roller coaster more than one cycle. *laughs in pain* The best advice from veteran to newcomer: take your copium as needed and don’t forget your daily hopium.

Things to check out:

  • Bitmain announced it’s newest in the S series: Antminer S21. Looks like it’ll hash at ~210TH @ 3150W, or 15w/th, which is pretty mind blowing considering S19 Pro + is at 28w/TH. Want to get on the waitlist? Reply back to this email or click here. You’ll be the first to know when we can get it to you.
  • Word on the street is we’ve got a minty new hosting location, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that.
  • S19 XP 141T is on sale @ $3,790. At this current BTC price, you’re profiting ~$35/week, pretty great for a dip. Interested? Reply back to this email or click here
  • Sorry, Split Shares are sold out at the moment, but stock is incoming, so keep an eye out.

Want to smoothly sail through the next BTC dip or harness the power of crypto's volatility? Let's talk it out.
With us, you're not just riding the crypto waves — you're mastering them.

Keep mining and shining!

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