Let's Upgrade You!

Let's Upgrade You!
Vibes are up for Tom Brady

and the other FTX creditors who might soon see 118% of their funds returned.

And along with everyone who owns BTC:

it's held in the low $60ks since the halving, which is ~%45+ increase this year alone.

For context, pre-FTX BTC was ~$20k.  

Bitcoin continues to be the best investment “real money” can buy.

Deals of the Week
- We appreciate y’alls responsiveness to the Split Share Antminer S21 Pro 234T preorders. We listened: they’re on sale @ $92/share!
Antminer S21 models on sale starting at $4,900.
- The Kaspa coin IceRiver miners are still popular and profitable (think $550+/month) @ $7,590.
Split Shares @ $72/share for a new Antminer S21 200T.

Word on the street is the new Antminer L9, an L7 upgrade, should be available in about a month or so. Keep an eye out for more information – we’ll let you know when we know.

Until next time, keep mining, rain or shine.

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