Hmmm, Dip!

Hmmm, Dip!
Temperatures rise, while BTC takes a dip. No sweat off our back, we love a good dip. As long as it’s cream, or financially, based, we’re golden. 

Deals of the Week
- The Antminer L9 is now an August preorder and available for order! Listed at $12,990 per unit, it’s expected to begin shipping out from Bitmain by the end of August; email for deal.
- Don’t miss out on this! The August preorder batch of Antminer KS5 Pro 21T is available for just $13,150 each, way better than the $22,250 spot price; email for deal.
S19K Pro 120T SALE! 10% off using code "S19K10".
Split Shares options: $72/share for new Antminer S21 200T and $92/share for a new Antminer S21 234T preorder.

Keep mining, rain or shine,

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