free (1%) miner, free power

free (1%) miner, free power


We're emailing you because we want you to mine some free BTC, no strings attached. Huh? Read on!

Use this link to get 1% of a BTC miner for free, with $0.00 power cost as well. The 100% discount will be applied at checkout. You can also use promo code freesplitshares if the link doesn't work. Free 1% of a miner and free power.

After 30 days we take the share back and give it to someone else to learn about the magic of BTC mining.

Everything you mine in those 30 days is free. No strings attached! No withdraw fees. Feel free to forward this to a friend that wants to learn about mining as well!

Once the 100 shares are gone they're gone. Limit 1 per person.


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