Breaking the Bitcoin Bias

Breaking the Bitcoin Bias

It’s undeniable that there is a big problem with women in crypto.

Frequent surveys from various companies conducted all over the world consistently show that women are half as likely as men to have crypto investments.

What’s worse is when it comes to working in crypto, women are severely lagging behind.
In 2019, Microsoft published a report on the State of Diversity and Inclusion in Blockchain which showed that in jobs that involve working on the blockchain or crypto development, the number of women was estimated to be between 4% and 6%.

This isn't even close to the equality we are all striving for.

While the industry, as a whole, has a long way to go before women feel welcome and, in turn, have a desire to join the sector, at Mining Syndicate we are already doing everything we can to ensure we have equality across the board.

Breaking the Bias at Mining Syndicate

At Mining Syndicate we are constantly striving to be part of the positive changes for women in crypto. We are building a company and a community that excludes no one.

Right now, nearly 50% of our staff are women, working together across the US and the world to keep Mining Syndicate at the forefront of the industry. The women who work here do so because they’re awesome at their jobs, not just to tick a box.

For this week’s blog, we asked four women who are currently working at Mining Syndicate several questions related to their job and the challenges they may face, as well as how it feels to work at the company they do.

The four women work in a variety of roles including customer service manager, communications manager, and purchase manager.

Read on below for their answers (for privacy, we have only used their first initial).

What has been your experience so far as a woman working in the crypto industry?

L: Well, firstly I would say that entering the crypto industry was a huge eye-opener and a steep learning curve, one that continues every single day. As a woman in crypto, there can feel like there's an added pressure, especially when you are just starting out as we are a minority.

E: My personal experience is this is a fast-paced, ever-changing, new industry and it is exciting to be a part of it.

D: So far, I’ve been surprised at how male-dominated it is right now. Even most of the emails I receive refer to me as a man, with the other party usually assuming they are not dealing with a woman. Even personally, I have not yet spoken to another woman about a miner.

H: Working in such a male-dominated industry can definitely make you feel extra pressure at times. And that pressure doesn’t necessarily come from anyone else. But rather from yourself as it’s easy to overthink or second guess yourself from time to time.

Have you faced any challenges working in such a male-dominated industry?

L: It can sometimes feel like a ‘boys club’ and if you have an educated opinion or well-informed perspective it can be overlooked, especially when talking to others on online forums, for example.

However, women have faced challenges in a range of industries and many companies and sectors are working hard to overcome gender bias and crypto is the same.

E: Crypto, being an internet-based business, makes me feel as though gender is not important and everyone is only interested in learning the trends by communicating with each other. The main goal for everyone is to be successful, so I feel like everyone wants to hear what each other has to say.

D: I have not faced any challenges beyond what is currently the norm in the crypto industry. Most of the investors I speak with are courteous and understanding which always helps.

H: Saying you’re a woman in crypto when you’re outside the office can definitely get the odd laugh or particular look. In online communities, the reactions can also be negative.

There are far too many people who will immediately shut down any type of dialogue or discussion once they know you’re not a man. This can be frustrating, to say the least.

How does Mining Syndicate support you?

L: Most importantly, at Mining Syndicate, I have never been made to feel like “a woman in crypto”. I am treated as a valued member of the team who brings my own skills and strength to the table.

They support me in that, and they encourage me to learn and grow which makes for a great working environment.

E: Mining Syndicate is a company where you can truly build personal relationships with the team members.  Everyone has the customers’ best interest in mind and that gives me full confidence in the company and what it stands for.

D:  Everyone at Mining Syndicate is extremely supportive. It’s a place where you can always ask any questions without being made to feel self-conscious or wrong for trying to learn something you may not understand right away.

H: If every company or person in this industry treated women like women are treated at Mining Syndicate, then the topic of “women and crypto” wouldn’t even exist.

One Step at a Time

While we are just one company, we are keen to set an example and be open about the fact that women working in crypto is beneficial in many ways. We hope to see more companies adopt more equal policies in the future. We also look forward to the time when women feel more confident about being part of the crypto community!

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