Bitcoin Forums: Where Can You Discuss Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Forums: Where Can You Discuss Bitcoin?

For more than a decade, Bitcoin has attracted investors both experienced and new, young and old, rich and poor. The world’s first crypto has made an impact like no other that has come after it, so far. And the community surrounding it only gets bigger every year.

After all, a currency that is decentralized has been the ultimate goal for countless people for many years. With Bitcoin offering a way for nearly anyone to finally be a part of that concept, it’s no wonder that it is frequently one of Google’s most common searches.

The online community has made a remarkable impact on the success of Bitcoin with tens of thousands of users spreading the world every day. As well as helping noobs, offering “advice”, making predictions, and of course, telling others to hodl.

Where to Go for Online Communities

Online forums are a great way of learning more, giving your own opinion, getting your questions answered by seasoned experts, and more.

The vast majority of conversations that happen surrounding Bitcoin happen online. Unless you have a friendship group that is specifically interested in crypto, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to bring BTC or other cryptos up in general conversation and have people fully understand what you’re talking about.

For this reason, sticking to online forums is the best way for you to expand your knowledge, let off steam, and help the future of this infamous currency. Ultimately, Bitcoin may never have become what it has today if it wasn’t for those that believed in it online at the very beginning.

However, with so many online communities to choose from, it’s not easy knowing where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of some of the most popular, engaging, and informative communities that you can join - in no particular order.

1. Reddit

With more than 430 million active monthly users, Reddit is the first port of call for most people wanting to discuss just about anything online.

With more than ten thousand subs, Reddit is more than just a place to see the latest funny videos or political mishaps. There are also several popular and very active subs including r/Bitcoin, r/BitcoinBeginners, r/BitcoinMarkets, and r/CryptoMarkets among others.

With there being so many options, you may need to visit a few and spend some time scoping out each community to see if they’re the right ones for you.

As a bonus, within these forums, users sometimes arrange real-life meet-ups and form great bonds through this shared interest.

2. Bitcointalk

Bitcointalk is the OG of Bitcoin online communities having been started by none other than Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto himself. This forum is where all the most important conversations began.

With conversations ranging from the development, improvement ideas, and what the future of Bitcoin would look like. While these types of discussions still take place, it’s heavily used for people to arrange real-life meet-ups.

Once you start using these forums regularly, you’ll see just how often groups of people who were once strangest form strong friendships.

3. Twitter

Twitter is always buzzing with the latest news, scandal, gossip, or market exchange. If any social media platform is going to hear the latest news on anything first, it’s Twitter.

Nearly 200 million users constantly tweeting out their thoughts, sharing what’s happening, and getting to the bottom of anything that is happening.

There are a ton of experts, crypto leaders, and experienced investors who you can follow for all the latest news and opinions.

However, due to how easily anyone can make an account and claim to be someone else, ensure you follow only verified accounts and don’t open any unsuspecting links sent to you.

4. Bitcoin Forum

Another popular option for users is Bitcoin Forum. Here you can find the latest news, prices, and more as it happens. You can also talk about crypto with fellow users, and learn more about what’s happening.

5. Bitcoin Garden Forum

Another great place similar to Bitcointalk. The Garden Forum is there for anyone interested in joining to chat, learn more, and help others. Similar to Reddit, there are also subs where users can refine their community by joining groups such as altcoins, blockchain discussion, and more.

6. Telegram

Telegram has many channels set up so people can have open and honest talks about Bitcoin without having to deal with all the negatives that come from using WhatsApp.

Download the Telegram App and use the search feature to find all the Bitcoin and crypto channels that are currently being used.

Once you’ve joined, you can follow others’ discussions or join in yourself.

7. In-Person Events

Okay, so technically this isn’t an online option but it’s a fantastic way to meet other people and have genuine, informative, interesting discussions.

Around the world, in-person meet-ups and events are regularly scheduled so investors and those interested can become an important part of the Bitcoin community. Having discussions online is excellent, but being able to be in the same room and have these conversations in person is even better.

You’ll be able to find your next event just by looking online or asking in any of the above forums. You never know, maybe you’ll be the next organizer.

What to Remember

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive as there are hundreds of others online. However, we have chosen those that are, generally speaking, the most popular or most moderated, meaning you should be able to have a better experience when discussing crypto online.

However, it’s vital to remember that even the most popular or the most invigilated community may still have scammers in the midst trying to lure investors into bogus investments or promises of Bitcoin.

Always be careful with who you talk to. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. And as ever, do NOT give out any of your personal information or share your private seed with anyone.

Online communities are a fantastic place to find like-minded people but you should never let your guard down even if you feel like you trust the person you’re talking to.

Expand Your Horizons with Bitcoin Mining

If you visit any of the forums above or others similar, you’ll see people talking frequently about Bitcoin mining. Mining is the most common way for investors to get their hands on their own BTC, especially mining as part of a team AKA joining a mining pool.

You see, for new Bitcoin to enter into circulation, they must be mined. Mining also enables new transactions to be confirmed by the network, as well as being a key part of the development and maintenance of the blockchain ledger.

The action of mining is carried out via means of the miner (you) using sophisticated and powerful hardware which can solve incredibly complicated math problems. The first computer to solve the problem validates the block and collects the reward - the bitcoin.

This process then repeats itself over and over again. Roughly 900 bitcoin are currently mined each day, although this will become less as the years go by.

Mining for BTC is slow, expensive, and it isn’t guaranteed to be rewarding for you. For example, if you mine alone rather than as part of a mining pool and you use less powerful hardware, it could take years and years for you to mine just one block. It could even take years and you mine zero blocks.

However, with mining pools, people can invest less time and money and experience far greater results.

Change Your Future with Mining Syndicate

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