A Few More Goldshell KD5s + Back in Stock Feature

A Few More Goldshell KD5s + Back in Stock Feature

As predicted, the Goldshell KD5s we got our hands on sold out in a matter of hours yesterday. The new price from China is literally $6-8k more expensive than the already ridiculous price of $26,700. But with a payback of 4-6 months, it almost makes sense. I've never seen a miner for ~$33k before, but I think that may become more common as BTC gets into the 6 figure range.

BUT, I was able to grab exactly 3 more of the new KD5s at the original price, so they are live on the website now. After these sell they will be in the $33k range, unless Kadena dumps and the miner price drops. Remember, altcoin miners have a quicker payoff but come with even more risk and volatility than BTC miners.

I hate nothing more than emailing everyone about 3 units of 1 product that most people probably don't want (although the KD5 and the L& are our best sellers, and so we now have a feature to prevent emails like this one. From now on, whenever you see a product that's out of stock, you'll see a button like this one:

Click this button and enter in your phone number to be notified first when back in stock. This number will be used for NO other purpose. This button is perfect, because sometimes when we're chatting with our Chinese vendors they say something like:

"Price went up on that miner $1,500, but I have 3 more units at the original price."

So instead of me spamming everyone about 1 product with only 3 units in stock at the lower price, I'll just update the stock on the site and whoever wanted to be notified will be notified via text. First come, first served. Once those 3 are gone, either they will be gone for a while or the price will be up the next day.

L7 price went up quite a bit today, so be aware of that. Everything else is fairly stable. Avalons remain a great value.

Thanks for reading!