A Couple Items of Bidness

A Couple Items of Bidness

Happy Thursday!

A couple items of bidness

  1. Did you know that in the US, you can buy miners as a sole proprietor or LLC owner and write them off or depreciate them for tax purposes? WE ARE NOT tax advisors, accountants or attorneys, so please do your own research, but many of our customers report doing this successfully. You’ve only got 10 more days to do this for 2023!
  2. Any miner purchased from now until Monday at 12pm CST secures $.079 cent hosting, down from our normal $.09 price!
  3. <1 year payoff period on the Antminer L7 9050m. These are $5,550 each and are profiting about $15/day @ $.09 on NiceHash
  4. Two New S19K Pro 120T Split Shares miners are available! Not preorder, they are mining right now!
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