99% off Split Shares + free power

99% off Split Shares + free power


We emailed you last week about 30 days of free mining. LAME, right? Only 30 days?? How about instead of free for 30 days, we did 99% off a Split Share for the life of the miner? Oh, and free power, too. So for 30 cents you can mine BTC for free, for the life of the miner. Why 99%? Because our mission is to bring mining to the 99%. Symbolic, ya know?

Link to the miner here. Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Fine print:

  • We're testing something new
  • Limit 1 per person
  • While supplies last
  • For the life of the MINER, not for YOUR life, silly
  • We may cut this off if it goes *too* well
  • The BTC you mine with this will always be yours, we can't take *that* back if we wanted to


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