9/29 News Updates

9/29 News Updates

Happy Friday!

Before we get into it, our founder made a video, talking about the last 2 years and the next 10 years of Mining Syndicate. Please watch, especially if you are or have been a hosting customer in the past.

Pumpkin spice abounds.

iPhone 15s are available.

It's the opening day of the State Fair of Texas.

Gary Gensler’s still applying ice to his burns.

Good things come to those who wait.

In light of that, we have a special offer for lower hosting:

New miner purchases that are hosted with us get 8 cent hosting (we’ve been doing 9c) at our awesome new WA facility with ~99% uptime, but 1 year of hosting must be paid in advance. Miners will be plugged in within 14 days of arriving to us, or we’ll pay the PROFITS they would have earned. Reply to this email if you’re interested.

Split Shares are in stock

Happy Hashing!

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