9/21 News Updates

9/21 News Updates

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“I’m telling mom!”

This isn’t typically uttered by an adult.

Usually, it’s said by a sibling.

But in this case, that’s what SBF’s dad basically said when he was paid a mere $200k instead of an anticipated $1m.

It’s as awkward as if your parents laughed and plugged their ears during your court hearing.

Turns out that in the Bankman-Fried’s family business, they took ‘partners in crime’ a little too literally.

Now FTX wants its money back and is suing FTX's parents

And you thought your family dinners were uncomfortable.

In an attempt to raise funds, SBF is authoring a children’s book entitled “If Give a Parent A Million” (for legal reasons, this is a joke).

Moral of the Story: Be an adult. Own your own stuff.

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