7/30 Updates

7/30 Updates

Mass adoption is upon us. Can you feel it?

An old friend of mine desperately wanted to watch a movie recently, *in the theater*.

I literally haven’t been to a movie theater in years. Like, 7+ years. Nor have a paid for a movie ticket in years.

I won’t tell you how much I paid for one ticket because the reality of paying $23 is not something I can fully own up to.

But I will own up to seeing the 7th Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning, Part One; Tom Cruise don’t miss.

You know what else couldn’t be missed? How much crypto was present throughout the entire film. Typical fiat money wasn’t being stolen. Jewels weren’t being taken. Instead, it was a crypto hard wallet that got lifted. Money wasn’t being wired into a bank account, but entered into a crypto pool.

Cultural adaptation is essential on the path to mass adaptation. We’re so there.

So is BlackRock, among others. Larry Fink CEO says “[Crypto’s] going to transcend any one currency”. Bitcoin “may be less of a sure bet on shorter timeframes, but the overarching narrative of crypto becoming a recognized global asset class undoubtedly remains” says Charles Edward, the Capriole Investments founder.

It’s only a matter of time.

But while you wait, what’s the coolest name in mining? Well, it’s about to be IceRiver, a new proof of work coin named Kaspa (KAS). Not only that, it’s high efficiency and functionality in harsh conditions make it all the more appealing. Pricing will start at $7.5k, so let us know if you're interested by responding here.

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