6/7 mining updates

6/7 mining updates

Happy Wednesday, Miner!

We’ve got some explosive deals for you today. Not quite volcano level, but mother nature + innovation are a force to be reckoned. Keep in mind that most miners will arrive in 5-8 business days. We can host these for you at $.09/kw beginning around July 1st! The ONLY way to access theses deals is through email, make sure you reply. Aren’t you glad you’re subscribed?

  • Antminer S19J Pro+ 120Th/s - $2,230, profiting ~$3.24/day  
  • Antminer S19J Pro+ 117Th/s - $2,180, profiting ~$3.02/day  
  • Antminer E9 Pro 3780M - $2,880 
  • Antminer E9 Pro 3380M - $6,550 
  • L7 8300M - $4,500, profiting ~$14.05/day 
  • L7 8550M - $4,600, profiting ~$14.42/day 
BONUS: Order ANY 5+ miners to receive an additional $500 off your order. Mix and match, get creative!

Speaking of Tellus Mater (“mother earth”, we’re continuing your education, you’re welcome), we are beginning to sell Hydro miners shipped to the address of your choosing. Currently we do not host these miners, but we do have the hook up with legit suppliers to pass the savings on to you. Please ensure you can host these miners before purchasing.

And you know we can’t not mention our Split Shares. Here’s what’s available right now:
One last thing, if you have any interest in purchasing a used miner, please reply to this email and let us know. We’ll add your email to our dedicated ‘used miner offers’ mailing list. You already know it pays to be our email list. When you get the email for used miners, you can expect it to be for different types of miners, and sometimes they are already plugged in and hashing for instant gains. 

If we didn’t offer you enough variety, contact us directly; we love a good challenge!

Keep mining, rain or shine. 

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