4/7 updates

4/7 updates

Happy Friday, Miners!

Who knew the likelihood of Doge being the logo of Twitter was 100% reflected by the likelihood of Elon Musk buying Twitter itself? Like EVs, most of us never saw it coming. In honor of Sir Doge, the one and only Elon, we are running a huge L7 deal starting at $6,655! Those things are profiting $15/day night now! Sticking to the Musk theme ... we have a hidden easter egg on the website that you are going to want to find! Yes, there is most definitely a prize waiting for you…

NERD ALERT: There is a nifty new Bitcoin profitability calculator on our website! We have an exclusive page dedicated to the calculator, but it also displays at the bottom of every product, including Split Shares. This lets you see profitability in real time. Makes you wanna buy a Split Share right now, doesn’t it? Well you have to get ‘em while their hot, because sometimes (like right now) we are just totally sold out. You can also expect a calculator for altcoins from us in the future. We’ll let you know when it posts. We may even see an L7 Split Share miner here soon...

We would love to know what miners you are looking for. See something we don't have? Let us know and we can absolutely source it for you! 
As always, keep mining, rain or shine. 

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