4/25 updates

4/25 updates

Happy Tuesday, Miner!

Looking for passive income that’s more passive than unclogging the toilet at your rental home, but less passive than your grandpa's boring index fund strategy? Look no further than our current Spilt Shares options:

$55/share @ $.075 hosting for new S19 XP 141T
$29/share @ $.075 hosting for used S19 Pro 110T

Check out this week’s special deals on miners:

  • L7 9050 May preorder (estimated 2-3 week shipping) $5,990
  • S19J Pro + 120th (2 week delivery) - $2,400
  • S19 XP 141th preorder (2-3 week delivery) $4,500

If these catch your eye, reply to this email to get these offers as you won’t find these online. Yet another perk of subscribing to our email, besides the dry humor of course.

It’s been an interesting past week or two, hasn’t it? BTC has notably dipped over the past week, due to a combination of things like 16k BTC being sold in one order, a soaring inflation report from the UK, and weak minded HODLers were side tracked by #gainz couldn’t quite hold on. Keep in mind both BTC and ETH still significantly stronger than 2022. The SEC attack on crypto has become increasingly less veiled, Gary Gensler played his role perfectly, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. If the SEC wants to keep playing stupid games, we’ll see more stupid prizes, like innovation looking for a home outside the States.

BONUS MATERIAL: It’s the collaboration we didn’t know we needed: Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson on inflation and money. TLDR = There’s no such thing as free lunch, zoo animals ain’t cheap.

Keep mining, rain or shine.

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