4/18 updates

4/18 updates

Happy Tuesday, Miner!

Did you know that crypto investors refer to the variance in wallet size in the categories of whales, fishes, crabs and shrimps? Over the past 30 days, wallets holding less than 1 Bitcoin (shrimps) have accumulated more than 35k BTC. This means smaller investors are getting more crypto, a huge plus for adaptation and decentralization.

Don’t be crabby, but we whaley love all the fish in the crypto sea, even shrimp!

But hey, shrimp is our favorite food. We now have 3 different Split Shares miners available: From the dirt cheap yet wholly ineffecient Avalon 1246 to the hyper effecient yet pricier XP 141. And despite BTC being up, our Split Share prices have never been lower!

1. If you are interested in E9 Pro preorders, please respond to this email. Prices start at $3,200 depending on the efficiency and they are profiting ~$7/day.
2. Bitcoin in 2022 dipped considerably, but has surged 80% and counting this year. With that, miner prices have steadily been on the rise and we are approaching when miners may start to increase significantly. Please stay focused and make smart financial decisions as we enter this bullish territory; no time is like the present to buy a miner!
3. If you have a reputable supplier in the United States and would like us to price match a unit, please reach out so we can see what we can do for you.

What’s better than being a Bitcoiner? Being a Bitcoiner and a Texan. Let’s keep it that way with the Don’t Mess with Texas Innovation to combat the Texas anti-free market and anti-bitcoin mining Senate Bill 1751; contact a Texas senator today to help kill it.

Keep mining, rain or shine.


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