$262/day profit?

$262/day profit?

Cooler temps finally made it to Texas.

So when I was waiting at my kid’s soccer practice last night, all I wanted to do was get some steps in.

But I couldn’t.

I was held hostage by this little old lady who just wanted to talk about her family.

Then she asked, “what do you do?”



Conversation saved.

It was time to spread the crypto gospel, steps be damned.

Her first question: “Is crypto a real thing?”

My response was that it’s a real digital asset, which lead to a longer discussion on who crypto is produced, dollar production, inflation, etc.

I had her halfway to purchasing her first Split Share.  

(They’re on sale, BTW: $46/share @ $.075 hosting for a new S19 XP 141T, produces ~$2.99 of BTC mined per share per month, or ~.1% ROI/day, net.)

Perception is essential to value. If people can’t perceive why crypto is important, why would they ever want to have it?

And that’s where we step in – spreading the good news of crypto responsibly to everyone who will listen.

Speaking of which, have you seen asicminervalue.com lately?

Look at the most profitable miner in the world...

that's not a glitch, that's a Kaspa miner. $262/day in profit! That's $99k/year.

And people are mining with it today.

Kaspa is a new, innovative proof of work crypto that is quite literally printing (digital) money, and we only have 17 available from the manufacturer, but you can't buy them on the website.

Why not?

Because we've been down this road before with other stupidly-profitable altcoin miners. Customers don't understand the risks of altcoin mining, so they just buy buy buy and then back out later. It prevents our serious customers from being able to actually buy and mine. We'll never sell a miner without disclosing the risks.

If you're seriously interested, book a 15 minute call with us here to learn more about this miner. After the call we'll provide a link to purchase.

To your golden future!

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